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About Whirlpuzzle

Find a path to the goal, by rotating the puzzle to displace obstacles and reach inacessible locations! Beware, whirling too much will only confuse you...

Can you solve all 7 levels? Good luck!


How to play

Controls - keyboard

The goal is marked by an X.

Move your avatar by pressing Left or Right. You may also push blocks. Gravity pulls all down.

Press Up to rotate the puzzle clockwise and Down to rotate counterclockwise.

Press X to enter Preview mode, in which you may rotate clockwise by pressing Right and counterclockwise by pressing Left. In Preview mode, nothing falls until you confirm, by pressing X again.

Press Z to undo a move. Press R to restart the level.

Controls - touchscreen

Tap to simulate pressing X and swipe to simulate an arrow keypress.

Open the tab on the left beside the game to: undo, restart and return to menu.

Real-time feedback

Press F anytime to provide real-time feedback! Much appreciated!

Level navigation

Navigate to a previously uncovered level by pressing the lateral buttons beside the game screen. These buttons appear and disappear as needed.

Hall of fame

Once you beat Whirlpuzzle, you'll be invited to enter the Hall of Fame! As soon as you pass the final credits screen after winning, you'll be able to type your name in a new window. Press Submit to be remembered forever or close the window to forsake your glory.



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Whirlpuzzle by Pedro PSI, 2018.


I'm in space by Tim Beek.

Game Engine

Made with Puzzlescript.

Inspect the source freely, but consider supporting the Creative Archive!

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Special thanks

Puzzlescript forum community members S Mattison, Mark Richardson, Lukas Schüller and Alan Hazelden for varying levels of feedback.

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