About Tiaradventur

A desperate Princess, on a quest to find seven stolen tiaras, asks for your help. As a Hero in the making, you must not refuse, even in the face of danger! As the story unfolds, you may get to know the Princess better and understand what really is at stake.

The legend of Tiaradventur is yours to write! How much intelligence you dedicate to this role-playing puzzle is up to you...

Easy quest

Pick each tiara and hand it to the Princess to fulfill the easy quest.

Estimated play time: 30 minutes.

Hard quest

Gently pick all tiaras unbroken, thereby making the Princess happier, a harder quest for which precise timing may sometimes be required.

Estimated play time: 60 minutes.

Hidden challenge

Obtaining the secret item, after solving the hidden challenge, will subtly alter the game ending.

Game elements


The Hero is you!

Behind her docile appearance, the Princess is actually in charge. Except when wolves attack... or any other puzzling situation has to be solved.

Wolves chase the closest human they find, and are not friendly. They will even throw obtainables astray and when cornered will push Objects.


The precious tiara is so fragile that it will shatter under too much weight.

The sword can be used to keep wolves away and to slash crates.

One secret item may be discovered.


Crates can be pushed, are flammable and float on water.

Boulders can also be pushed but are neither flammable nor float on water.

Trees can't move but are flammable.

Torches will ignite trees when pushed towards them and won't float on water.


How to play

Controls - keyboard

Move with left up right down or W A S D.

Come towards the Princess to talk to her. She is a great storyteller and on occasion may provide useful hints. You may give her certain obtainables.

Use the sword, once obtained, by pressing X. You'll swipe it instinctively when dangerously close to a wolf.

Press Z to undo a move. Press R to restart the level.

The game saves automatically whenever the Princess safely enters an area containing a new tiara.

Controls - touchscreen

Tap to simulate pressing X and swipe to simulate an arrow keypress.

E-mail Pedro PSI real-time feedback

Press E anytime to e-mail real-time feedback to Pedro PSI! Much appreciated!

Level navigation

Press L or click Level X/Y or Select level in the game bar to navigate freely to previous checkpoints, or return to the most recent one. Please be aware that saving after going to a past checkpoint will erase your most recent checkpoint saves..

Type the level number directly with 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, press Tab/Shift+Tab or Left/Right to cycle through levels, Enter or Click to confirm, Esc or L to cancel.


Toggle Fullscreen by pressing F.


Hall of fame

Once you beat Tiaradventur, you'll be invited to enter Tiaradventur's Hall of Fame! As soon as you pass the final credits screen after winning, you'll be able to type your name in a new window. Make sure you are connected to the internet, then press Submit to be remembered forever or close the window to forsake your glory.


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Tiaradventur by Pedro PSI, 2018.


Background music by Whitesand.

Music tracks in Tiaradventur
Legend of the King2017CC / Royalty Free
Beyond2016CC / Copyright Free
Eternity2017CC / Copyright Free
Friendly Storm2017CC / Copyright Free
Monsters2018CC / Copyright Free

Game Engine

Made with Puzzlescript and Pedro PSI's game bar!

Inspect the source freely, but consider the option to support the Creative Archive!

Special thanks


Doomsday One, Alan Hazelden and Ili Butterfield (Chz) for spotting important bugs and for useful feedback.


Hunkydory, Joel Fox, Tim Nicholson (mokesmoe) and Skalmantas Šimenas (that Scar) for feedback, finding bugs and unintended solutions.


How does the name Tiaradventur mean?

Tiara + Adventure!

What was your inspiration?

The adventure theme was inspired by The Legend of Zelda. A second source of inspiration was Alan Hazelden's Skipping Stones To Lonely Homes.



Redesign of level 3 to prevent unintended solution; minor tweaks to levels 1, 2 and 4; two crates removed from near the secret item; minor graphic changes (polishing margins, choosing smaller trees in key positions, fixing lamp flame animation); dialogue flow fix; player falling unintentionally into water disallowed; burning message added; diverse improvements of princess behaviour; fixes to auto-save system including a golden flash; new restart trigger; golden win animation.


The princess now stubbornly refuses to be left behind! On the last level, she will now consistently flee from the wolves and cause a fire - and gives clearer hints. It is also no longer possible to push an extra wolf into the last level.