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About Puzzle type

Are you the Puzzle type? Find out in this cryptic keyboard typing puzzle!

Puzzle type

How to play

The screen displays only one word. Your goal is to type this word exactly as shown. However, your keyboard is behaving cryptically... and the word is also your only clue!

All puzzles can be solved with logic, experimentation and creative thinking, perhaps even a search engine or pencil and paper. Solving a puzzle usually requires two steps: discovering which rules are in place, then using these rules to write the clue. Rules don't change nor ever rely on timing, so relax and take your time!

Sometimes, characters may be coloured with a lighter tone. This indicates temporary characters, which may be transformed when certain conditions be (or fail to be) met.

Most levels do not require English proficiency, but the common knowledge demanded by a few of the final levels had unfortunately to be expressed in words of a particular language. Non-native speakers, you can find these English words online easily!

After beating certain puzzles, some people will enjoy replaying them, trying to push the rules to their limits or using the interface as a learning device. All levels were designed with this possibility in mind.

Controls - keyboard

Type any of the 26 uppercase letters of the latin alphabet, and undo by pressing backspace or delete. As a rule, other characters or spaces may not be typed, unless the clue suggests otherwise.

On-screen Keyboard

Press the keyboard button or Alt+K to open the on-screen keyboard.

E-mail Pedro PSI real-time feedback

Press alt+e anytime to e-mail real-time feedback to Pedro PSI! Much appreciated!

Level navigation

Press alt+l or click Level X/Y or Select level in the game bar to navigate freely between all levels..

Type the level number directly with 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, press Tab/Shift+Tab or Left/Right to cycle through levels, Enter or Click to confirm, Esc or L to cancel.


Toggle Fullscreen by pressing alt+f.


Hall of fame

Once you beat Puzzle type, you'll be invited to enter Puzzle type's Hall of Fame! As soon as you pass the final credits screen after winning, you'll be able to type your name in a new window. Make sure you are connected to the internet, then press Submit to be remembered forever or close the window to forsake your glory.


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Puzzle type by Pedro PSI, 2019.

Sound effects

Sound effects by Pedro PSI, 2019, made with MuseScore.

Game Engine

Made with vanilla JS and CSS, including Pedro PSI's game bar!

Inspect the source freely, but consider the option to support the Creative Archive!


Many thanks to minotalen, Deusovi, Daniel Hurtado (mago314) for useful, actionable suggestions and even new level ideas!


Head to the Store to purchase Puzzle type. Besides being a token of appreciation, every purchase supports the development of future games and tools!

System requirements

Browsers - desktop

Puzzle type was tested and runs well with the latest recent versions of Chrome (78), Firefox (70), Opera (65) and Edge (44), on Windows. Ok

On Safari, it currently doesn't work well, neither on Internet Explorer. Problem

Browsers - mobile

Puzzle type was not thoroughly tested on mobile, and is currently not guaranteed to work well (or at all). Some slowness was reported on some Android devices Problem.

Screen sizes

With a physical keyboard, Puzzle type was designed to display well on all screen sizes, from extremely small (e.g 300px by 200px), to very large (1280px x 1024 and above). Ok

Typing with the on-screen keyboard may be cumbersome on very small screens, because the keys become quite small. So this combination is not recommended.


Which other puzzle games inspired Puzzle type?

Keenly, minotalen observed some gameplay similarities with Cinq Mars Media's Devil's Calculator, while the interface is as minimal as the one found in Dimitris Chassapakis 's none*, a riddle game.

Which new design goals guided the making of Puzzle type?

  • Making a compelling enigma with a minimal interface or decoration. Done
  • Extending the game-bar to any (non-puzzlescript) javascript game. Done
  • Creating a word game without language-dependent content. Partly
  • Making sound effects and music. Partly



Puzzle type's alpha version was shared privately.


Puzzle type beta version playtesting!


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Screenshots & Logo

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