Privacy Policy

The Creative Archive does not collect personal data as defined in GDPR's Article 4. Nevertheless, whenever you choose to communicate any personal data, your privacy and GDPR will be respected.

Moreover, the Creative Archive is designed to minimise privacy risks. Here's how!


The Creative Archive is open-source. Do look at the code and if you find any privacy breach or concern, let me know.


Here's the list of third parties the Creative Archive infrastructure relies on.

Github Pages (Microsoft)

This site is hosted on Github Pages, owned by Microsoft.


Some site features (form and feedback submission, analytics) are managed by the Creative Archive's associated Google account:

Private Communication

When you communicate with the Creative Archive, for instance by email or form submission, this communication is kept private. However, it flows through a Google mailbox and it may stay there for archival purposes as long as Creative Archive runs.

Minimal analytics

The Creative Archive collects on each page load a minimal amount of non-personal visitor information (detailed below). This information is kept private in a Google account.

If you can suggest how to reach the same purposes while collecting less information, I'd love to hear from you!

on page load

Data type Purpose
language + timezone to estimate the geographic distribution of visits.
date + time + timezone to understand which times of the year, month, week and day are more popular. To see how new content is received by the public.
screen size + user agent to know whether the Creative Archive can be seen perfectly by all visitors. Do report any bug you find!
referrer url to compare the impact of different publicising efforts.
a randomly generated word to aggregate all data belonging the same visitor, across multiple pages.


Data type Purpose
level tried or beaten to know how many players try vs beat the game and thus estimate difficulty.
level timing to understand which levels are harder to beat, and find gameplay bottlenecks.
move sequence to see how many attempts per level are made and whether previously unknown solutions were found.
player feedback to improve the game.


Each game on the Creative Archive uses cookies to save your progress.


At the bottom of many pages, the sharing buttons, adapted from, are javascript-free thus privacy-friendly.

Suggestions for improvement of the Creative Archive's Privacy are always welcome!

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