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Author: Pedro PSI
Address: a secret location.
Founding date: December, 2017
Social media: None.
Releases: Burokku Konekuta (2019) Platformer Template (2019) Gravirinth (2019) Abxtract Tractx (2018) Tiaradventur (2018) Hastefulll (2018) Play Mini Gemini Replay (PMGRP) (2018) Whirlpuzzle (2018) Unlucky Unlock (2014)


Creative Archive is an archive of Pedro PSI's personal projects - notably Pedro PSI's puzzles - with a triple purpose: record Pedro PSI's learning journey, make it useful to others and become a stepping stone to something greater. Surpassing all expectations, a growing community of enthusiasts find joy in Pedro PSI's unique challenges and often learn something new.


Many years elapsed since Pedro PSI's first hit, the mini puzzle Unlucky Unlock, and the birth of the Creative Archive, just before 2018. Fast-forward a year, and five intriguing puzzles (whirlpuzzle, pmgrp, hastefulll, tiaradventur, abxtract-tractx), came into being, each a stepping stone for the next project.

Pedro PSI's game-making adventure reaches a major milestone in 2019: Pedro PSI's first and probably puzzlescript's first fully commercial game. Enter the Gravirinth - a mysteriously puzzling exoarcheology expedition.


Burokku Konekuta (2019)
Burokku Konekuta
Platformer Template (2019)
Platformer Template
Gravirinth (2019)
Abxtract Tractx (2018)
Abxtract Tractx
Tiaradventur (2018)
Hastefulll (2018)
Play Mini Gemini Replay (PMGRP) (2018)
Play Mini Gemini Replay (PMGRP)
Whirlpuzzle (2018)
Unlucky Unlock (2014)
Unlucky Unlock

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