Platformer Template

About Platformer Template

Platformer Template is a puzzle about making puzzles. A meta-game that teaches players how to design a puzzle-platformer step by step.

Platformer Template

How to play

Controls - keyboard

Move with the arrow keys, which are used to interact with blocks of different shapes.

Your perception of the goal and game rules should evolve as the game progresses.

Press Z to undo a move. Press R to restart the level.

Controls - touchscreen

Tap to simulate pressing X and swipe to simulate an arrow keypress.

Open the tab on the left beside the game to: undo, restart and return to menu.

Real-time feedback

Press F anytime to provide real-time feedback! Much appreciated!

Level navigation

Using the Level Selector Menu (below in the game bar) you can navigate freely between all levels.

Hall of fame

Once you beat Platformer Template, you'll be invited to enter the Hall of Fame! As soon as you pass the final credits screen after winning, you'll be able to type your name in a new window. Make sure you are connected to the internet, then press Submit to be remembered forever or close the window to forsake your glory.



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Platformer Template by Pedro PSI, 2019.


All background music by Sappheiros (CC-BY 3.0).

Year Title Genre
2016 Aurora Chillstep
2016 A tale of unexplored worlds Chillstep
2017 Fading Drum & Bass
2017 Dawn Chillstep

Game Engine

Made with Puzzlescript.

Inspect the source freely, but consider supporting the Creative Archive!

Special thanks

Hunkydory and Zabel for spotting two rare yet important bugs.


Is Platformer Template a real game or a game template?

Both! Because there is no better way to teach that to put the principles in practice, immediately. Questions like: Why was this level not introduced before? or What is new in this level? or Could any element be removed while preserving the desired effect? should guide your attention while playing.

Is Platformer Template Pedro PSI's last game?

Pedro PSI intended to close 2018's cycle of puzzlescript games by teaching others - Platformer Template emerged naturally from this intention.

How is beating Platformer Template's an achievement?

It takes on average 4 enjoyable hours to solve all levels in Pedro PSI, but only 4% of all players so far qualified for the Hall of Fame.

Does the high difficulty prevent Pedro PSI's teaching goals?

Since all levels are accessible via the level selector, all players regardless of ability can follow every lesson.



Level tweaks:

    • level 31: displaced a dash to remove one unintended solution; reduced level size by rearranging elements; simplified lesson;
      level 32: switched places with former level 31.
  • 05/2019

    Major data-driven changes to selected levels, based on average time required to win a level, plus several minor tweaks:

    • level 10: displacement of a single block to try to guide players towards the elusive solution;
      level 26: major redesign to make it easier;
      level 43: major redesign and simplification while retaining the core ideas;
      level 44: reduction of level size;
      level 46: reduction of level size and decluttering;
      level 48: major redesign to declutter and ramp up the challenge;
      level 50: remotion of one single dash causing one unintended solution.
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