What is NomadPage?

NomadPage is a browser add-on. Get it here!

It sets a different homepage every day, by cycling through a list of pages of your choice. Up to 31 homepages can be listed, one for each day of the month. If the list contains fewer pages, one simply counts from the first page again.

You need NomadPage if you...

  • love to read newspapers, but have limited time and you'd like to read different ones on different days of the week. Now you can keep your balance!
  • follow weekly magazines, and need to structure your reading. Now you can be more organized!
  • check, at least once a month, blogs and other pages that update rarely. Now you can forget no more!
  • want to keep tabs on particular friends' pages or acquaintances regularly. Now you can be a better person!

So what are you waiting for? Try it!

How to use NomadPage?

Easily! Just list your choices (in the options menu, in the browser add-ons page), hit save and you're good to go!


Any new features planned?

A yearly page calendar may be added. Possibly an option to load bookmarks directly into the homepage list. Perhaps intra-day page changes options. Please contact Pedro PSI if you think those would be good ideas or you'd like to suggest something else.

Which browsers are currently supported?

At the moment, only Firefox. Please contact Pedro PSI if you'd like to see NomadPage in your favourite browser.


Why did Pedro PSI create NomadPage?

Pedro PSI wanted to read news in different languages in different days, for practice. No similar extension was found, thus NomadPage was born.

How long did it take to make NomadPage?

Altogether, including writing this answer, about 9 hours. Thanks to Material Design for the solid icons.

Is this Pedro PSI's first extension?