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Database Search + submission options

The Puzzlescript games database underwent several improvements. Among them, there are now more submission options, and search was added across all data categories. Search can be triggered by user input and indicated in the URL.

Game bar icon embellishment

The Pedro PSI's game bar now sports cross-platform icons, which activate a nice typewriter tooltip effect on hover, revealing the button function plus the corresponding keyboard shortcut.


Diverse improvements

All Creative Archive's PWAs are now are playable offline, so this feature is out of beta.

TOCs show now collapsed by default.

LUL development ongoing

Level Unlocking Language parser is being developed, an interesting challenge.

Puzzlescript games database expansion

The Puzzlescript games database now sports over 1300 titles.


Store opens

The Creative Archive now has a dedicated Store, featuring pearls such as Puzzle Type.Experimental

Minor changes

Layout colour changes, especially in headers, and font variation added. Minor game bar updates.


LUL in development

The Level Unlocking Language draft is released for discussion.

Status page

Users may now perform self-checks by visiting the Status page, which performs automatic tests.


Tables of Contents

Most Creative Archive pages now have an auto-generated Table of Contents. This will be especially useful to document projects like the Pedro PSI's game bar - whose features are also now better documented.

Level titles & selector improvements

The Pedro PSI's game bar now supports assigning level titles from within the hints file. These titles will be shown atop the level selector window, which received some extra polish.


Progressive Web Apps (beta)

All Pedro PSI's games are now (Progressive) Web Apps, so you can now add them to your device's homescreen and play offline!


Nicer tables

All tables in the Creative Archive are now sortable.


Towards Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

The Creative Archive has suffered diverse optimisations towards transforming several pages into independent PWAs. Games, for instance, load faster. Plus diverse small accessibility improvements, as suggested by the Lighthouse tool.

Puzzle-type (alpha)

This upcoming cryptic puzzle is gaining shape. Animated logo. Sound effects. 14 levels, and counting.


Game-bar extension and auto-rotation

The game-bar has been extended to work with any vanilla javascript game (besides puzzlescript), so it fits the upcoming minigame "Puzzle Type".

On small screens, such as in mobile devices, the screen will rotate to landscape.


Puzzlescript game database & tools

The world's largest public puzzlescript game database was released for the first time.

Some game making tools were listed, for future reference.


Game bar keyboard shortcuts system

A better keyboard shortcut system was added. Menu navigation using (ctrl+)enter, space, (shift+)tab and arrows has improved.

GIF hints can now be played/paused with enter or space.



Skilleblokker spillet utgitt!



The game bar now can be applied to any online puzzlescript game by means of a Pedro PSI's Game bar Bookmarklet, a suggestion by minotalen.


Hints system

The game bar now includes support for Hints, a suggestion by minotalen. Hints were added to Platformer Template.


Keyboard Keys styling

Keyboard keys across the Creative Archive are now nicely S T Y L E D.


Undo: press and hold

The game bar's undo button now supports press and hold to undo several moves at once, useful in touch devices.


Custom linear level progressions

The game bar's level selector now supports linear level progression and boss levels.


Colour matching

The game bar's colour now adapts automatically to the color scheme of the current game.



The game bar's now has a fullscreen mode. Activate it by pressing the button or F.


Logo hovering

After a mathematical simplification, the Creative Archive's logo, converted to a svg vector, reveals a different pattern on hover.


Burokku Konekuta

Burokku Konekuta がリリースされました!



Platformer Template matures into its final version.

Learn first-hand about Pedro PSI's next project!


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