Hall of Fame

About the Hall of Fame

Puzzlers who solved any of the puzzles in the Creative Archive earn the right to record their name (or alias) for posterity in the HOF.

How hard is it to enter the Hall of Fame?

As of June 2018 only about 10% of players manage to finish a game. Moreover, no one has yet solved all the puzzles! Therefore, you are officially allowed to brag to your friends about your victories. Most puzzlers, however, follow the humble path and decide not to be listed.

Are records permanent?

Yes, for as long as the Creative Archive is live. Shall you want to remove or change your alias, please get in touch.

You beat a puzzle but you can't find your record. Why?

Most likely you have found a bug. If you solved a puzzle before Monday, 26/03/2018, record-keeping hadn't yet begun. In either case, please contact Pedro PSI to fix the situation and recover your glory!

Any impolite aliases will be removed at discretion, without notice.

How can you prove that a (missing) record relates to you?

Just provide the date and (approximate) time when you solved the puzzle, plus your strategy for the last level.