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This is a concise compilation of (puzzlescript) game tools, including useful forks or mods, helpful tools plus an extensive list of Puzzlescript Code Samples for many game components (and even some unfinished games). As a publicly shared, personal reference, it may be updated anytime.

Puzzlescript forks or mods

Over 100 puzzlescript forks were made since 2013, and some of them are highlighted in the table below. They may include useful features and language extensions not incorporated yet in the original repository. The engine has also been adapted to create 3D games, and wrapped to run in different environments.

NB:Pedro PSI's Game bar Bookmarklet adds a level selector and a fullscreen mode to any puzzlescript game on the fly, and supports a flexible hints system and a background music playlist.

Useful puzzlescript mods and forks
Automatic level solverMarcos Donnantuoni2018Check for unintended solutions in puzzle designs. Building block for procedural level generation.
Dario Zubovic's PS ForkDario Zubovic2018Multifeature PS Fork: gamepad, level select, custom font, arbitrary sprite size, transparent colours, case sensitiveness, nosave
Sprites 8x8Cyathea Tree Studio20188x8 sprites (higher resolution)
Mouse Action ForkGuilherme Stutz Töws (Zaratustra Productions)2018Click a tile to trigger an "Action" command
Mouse Dragging ForkSkalmantas Šimenas (that Scar)2018Interact with the game by dragging the mouse
Puzzlescript C++ WrapperXavier Direz (Narkhos)2018Create standalone puzzlescript executables
Puzzlang Web ViewerDavid PFX2018Display Puzzlescript games within a Unity WebGL wrapper
DungeonscriptFarbs2018First-person perspective for any puzzlescript game
Beepbox IntegrationJamie Perconti2013Set as background music files generated by
Puzzlescript with Test FrameworkRichard Locke2017Testing framework within Puzzlescript Language
PuzzlebitGritfish2018A mobile UI for Bitsy and PuzzleScript games.
Accessible Puzzlescipt GamesPhil Schatz2018Accessible Puzzlescritp Interpreter for screen readers
Level selectorAlan Hazelden2019Level selector
PSengineRogerup2019Megadrive / MSX puzzlescript compiler
Jack Lance's PS Fork for Large MapsJack Lance2020Speeds up the puzzlescript engine on large game maps, by evaluating only the local rules

Helpful tools

Making larger games with puzzlescript is regarded by many people as a challenge. In that case, these helpful tools make it less heroic.

Useful puzzlescript tools
Puzzlescript Command Prompt Flick UtilityCrouble (NarrowAdder)2020make a giant flickscreen map by automatically stitching individual levels into the right positionLevels, flickscreen
Level and Sprite Rotator and FlipperJ. C. Miller (jcGyo)2019Rotate levels and sprites; flip horizontal and verticallyLevels, sprites
Sprite EditorXavier Direz (Narkhos)2019Edit sprites quicklySprites
Puzzlescript Video CodecEthan Clark (EPGA Studios)2019Convert a sequence of images (video) to PuzzleScript source codeSprites, video
Puzzlescript Syntax Highlighter for Notepad++Hugo B.2019A User-Defined Language for PuzzleScript with 99% accurate highlight.Language
PZFXRNathan Whitehead2017PZFXR Command line WAV generation of soundsSounds
Puzzlescript EmbedBenjamin Davis????embed a puzzlescript game in any pageCode
JavaScript String Escape / UnescapeAnonymous????Recover PuzzleScript source code from an exported HTML fileCode
PUZGraphicalAnonymous????Convert png to puzzlescript images and backImage
Add mute linkThordur Agust????Add mute link to exported puzzlescript pageSounds
Sprite EditorBoris van Schooten????HTML spritesheet editor with Puzzlescript import/export functionsSprites
Sprite Editor - bare bonesOwen Goss????a really bare bones HTML5 sprite editor that generates PuzzleScript sprite codeSprites

Puzzlescript examples

All game prototypes not listed in the Puzzlescript games database are filed in this database, alongside other useful examples of a particular mechanics and game components.

Game tools up-to-date.
Wraparound test ??? example wraparound
puzzlescript video Ethan Clark example video encoder
survival undefined example video
Starry sky test undefined example video
Infinite Motion Tilmann R example video
Animated Block Example Stephen Lavelle example video
The Road Goes Ever On Dennis Au example video
Text field Xavier Direz example text, input
Password Lucas Svangard example text, input
Meta Neko PROJECT H GAMES prototype Teleport
Simple Block Swapping Game example teleport
Teleport colourfully the way, ACTION changes colors example teleport
flick James ah ha example teleport
Minigame Prototype Ricky Cruz example team
Two Players Chris Pickel example team
Multiple Players Example Alex Baines example team
Space Invader Generator Ryan Hitchman example sprite, generator
Invader sprites Jere Majava example sprite, design
Tile Editor Miguel Sanchez example sprite
Sprite Generator Jonah Segree example sprite
Sprite Editor Dennis Au example sprite
Slime Alex Washtell prototype spread
Simple Splashing Lucas example splash
Robot Spawner Stephen Lavelle example spawn
WanderLand 1 James ah ha prototype spatial navigation
Nibbly John Williams prototype snake
Scarf of Shooting Star undefined example Snake
Step Scout Ggggggg prototype shooter
Space Wreck [DEMO] @musurca example shooter
Unnamed Dungeon WIP Jere Majava prototype rpg
Pointless Dungeon Jere Majava prototype rpg
Knighted chtp 2 Funatuns prototype rpg
Several Rigid Bodies Stephen Lavelle example rigid, hackable
Extended Rigid Body Test Scott Hughes example rigid
Rigid Bodies without rigid keyword David Smith, and some tricks stolen from Jack Lance : example rigid
Rigid Bodies without rigid keyword David Smith example rigid
Realtime Gravity undefined example realtime, gravity
RT Test Connor McHarney (Loneship Games) example realtime, gravity
realtime template undefined example realtime
realtime template Jere Majava example realtime
Realtime button presses Jere Majava example realtime
Random Robots who cares example randomness
Pipes Adam Gates example randomness
Dark Maze Adam Gates example randomness
Minecart Test Connorses (Loneship Games) example rails
Ortal Mathias Nielsen prototype Portal
Platformer One Jere Majava example platformer
Checkerboard Test Mark Diehr example pattern
Simple Pathfinding Demo, mode 2 piotrekli example pathfinding
Simple Pathfinding Demo piotrekli example pathfinding
Pathfinding demo Meow example pathfinding
PathFinding Madball example pathfinding
Simple pathfinding Jere Majava example pathfinding
Random Shortest Path Dennis Au example pathfinding
Random Shortest Path using 1 object Dennis Au example pathfinding
Rhythm Box undefined example music
MusicBox undefined example music
MusicBox The Forum example music
Play a Tune Mark Richardson example music
sokoban sequencer isaac schankler example music
Music sound sequencer Isaac D. example music
Terrible Tune Tracker Dan Williams example music
Beat Game Test Connorses [Loneship Games] example music
Tonematrix Audiotool / Lukas example music
Big boss Slashscreen example Multitile
Tiny but with massive hats Weeble example multilayer
MagicDragon [PS depth test] LadyLeia example multilayer
Simple menu LadyLeia example menu
mazegen NOA Cube Studio prototype maze, generator
Disguised HiRes James Ah Ha example masking
The Adventurer Roams The Land Looking For The Castle Jere Majava example map, generator, world
DANZON of DEINZOH Jere Majava example map, generator
Magnet test cases CHz example magnet
NAND Circuit Simulator Dennis Au example logic
Line of Sight Jere Majava example line of sight
Level Selection Jack Lance example level select
Panel de Platformer Elwood Sharit example level editor
keylocktest undefined example key
Isometric Test jc example Isometric Perspective
Of will and blood William Fernandes (10c8, 0x77) example Inventory
Simple Coin Purchases JonJon example inventory
Proof of Concept: Inventory Jamie Perconti example Inventory
Ice Slide Demo Michael Fairley example ice
Ice Test edderiofer example ice
HealthSystem EquallyFunnyBanana example health
Racing Demo Hero prototype hackable
Bouldertest Chris Pickel prototype gravity
Prims Labyrith Jere Majava prototype generator, rooms
Dungeon Rooms undefined example generator, rooms
DepthFirst Maze Rob Glazebrook example generator, maze
Most simple random maze Jere Majava example generator, maze
World Generation in PuzzleScript 8BitLlama example generate, world, map
Procedural Generation Adam Gates example generate, walls
Dungeon Generator V Key Hunt edition Connorses example generate, map
Mininum Alpha Jere Majava example font
Cursor jcGyo example drawing
TileOut LadyLeia prototype demake
[less blinky] Jumping right with up key; jumping higher by holding up or pressing it twice JonJon example delayed keypress
Runner Jere Majava example delayed keypress
Calculator undefined example counter
counter JC example counter
5 layer binary test Dennis Au example counter
Binary counter Aaron Dobbe example counter
CC2 ncrecc example conveyor belt
Motion test Cristopher Wells (Toph Wells) example controls
Directional Player 2 Adam Gates example controls
Walker Tests [See Comment In Code] undefined example control
Kind of like a ring on a rail or something Jere Majava example constrained
Turing Machine Andrew Baker prototype computation
Conways Game of Life Scott Hughes example computation
Conways Game of Life Nut example computation
Turing machine Isaac D example computation
Rule 30 Hannes Petri [based on Stephen Wolphram] example computation
A copy subroutine Chris Pickel example computation
Brainfk Interpreter Ben E example computation
PuzzleTuring 0x77 example computation
The Way of The Raimo Jere Majava example combat, platformer
RBG NiGHTcapD example colour
undefined undefined example codegolf
BW Adventure ||~^ Jere Majava example character
Face Off WRY Pixel prototype
Adventure Warren Robinett prototype
sight_test_1 undefined prototype
Sidescroller undefined prototype
Scale the Tower undefined prototype
Kungfu Sokoban undefined prototype
ricochet robot puzzle Tom Scutt prototype
Cowboy Duel Simulator 2013 Tom Rigby prototype
Look Out! Tobin Mollett prototype
DDay Svet and Joel prototype
Flower Killer Snizzbut prototype
Zombie Death Gauntlet 2 Scott Greig prototype
is it really my Game ron bay accomodation owned by GuyGotGoo prototype
Space RicketyBread prototype
Magent game Rellik prototype
GLITCHTOPIA Radiosoap prototype
Castle Adventure Broken Prototype Parachor prototype
faster nick cavazos prototype
action engine nick prototype
TileOut LadyLeia prototype
The Wolf, The Sheep, and The Cabbage KeshetGelbartFox and associates prototype
Stormtrooper vs. Stormtrooper JonJon prototype
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens JonJon prototype
Single Dragon JonJon prototype
the advetures of Jeremy Jeremy Adinolfi prototype
Sleeper / Dreamer Jere Majava prototype
Sir Rogue Jere Majava prototype
Incredible Magnetic Squeeze Box Super Fantastic Jere Majava prototype
Drunkard walk Jere Majava prototype
Sheeple Guilherme Tows prototype
Frogger Gruntfuggly prototype
the undertaking hacked Giorgione prototype
Santa Jukes FrankzeeTank prototype
Rugby 0.1 [in developement] Felix prototype
BVSG felix prototype
Dog Eu prototype
Faulty Wincon Elwood Sharit prototype
Party Game Elwood prototype
Name Dragonexus prototype
PSTG Dennis Au prototype
FACED Daniël Haazen prototype
Crate Game Connorses prototype
EYE EYE EYE Builder17 prototype
Kodu buraya girin... Aydıner Akdağ prototype
Thief Ast Ealthyman prototype
Data diving Arnaud DE BOCK prototype
Tentacle test Alan Hazelden thanks to Ricky Liu prototype
GIANT PIG 10SRGG prototype
Abduction Test Tobin Mollett example
LevelSpecific Rules Demo Rory OKane example
Wizard Game Phrennch example
laser pointer n/a example
Six Gun Shootout Jere Majava example
Slot Machine jcGyo example
Smart Movement Demo jamesamiles example
Flip Flop Counter Guy Walker example
Way Too Many Rigid Bodies Guilherme Tows/Scott Hughes example
Platforming Engine test gamez7 example
Static Enemy Movement Patterns: A Tutorial Dennis Au example
Turn Based Connorses example
Elevator Simulator Connorses example
Bullet Example Connorses example

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