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About Abxtract Tractx

Do you think Abstract Art is too simple to be considered art? Try reproducing all 6 iconic abstract paintings in the very puzzling Abxtract Tractx!

Abxtract Tractx

How to play

Controls - keyboard

Your goal is to reproduce on the left-hand side canvas the abstract painting shown on the right-hand-side.

Move with the arrow keys. Stepping towards a coloured square will launch a straight line of colour onto the canvas all the way to the frame.

Press Z to undo a move. Press R to restart the level.

Controls - touchscreen

Tap to simulate pressing X and swipe to simulate an arrow keypress.

Open the tab on the left beside the game to: undo, restart and return to menu.

Real-time feedback

Press F anytime to provide real-time feedback! Much appreciated!

Level navigation

Using the Level Selector Menu (below in the game bar) you can navigate freely between all levels.

Hall of fame

Once you beat Abxtract Tractx, you'll be invited to enter the Hall of Fame! As soon as you pass the final credits screen after winning, you'll be able to type your name in a new window. Make sure you are connected to the internet, then press Submit to be remembered forever or close the window to forsake your glory.



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Abxtract Tractx by Pedro PSI, 2018.

Abstract Artworks

All abstract artworks, listed chronologically below, are in the public domain (see Wikiart page link).

1914Vanessa BellAbstract PaintingWikiart
1915Kasimir MalevichBlack SquareWikiart
1923Theo van DoesburgStudy for Composition XXVWikiart
1922Paul KleeSeparation in the EveningWikiart
1927Sophie Taeuber-ArpProjet pour l'AubetteWikiart
1930Piet MondrianComposition in Red, Blue and YellowWikiart

Classical Music

All classical music scores used in the background are too in the public domain. The recordings fall under the licenses listed below.

1914Gustav HolstThe Planets, Op. 32 - Venus, The Bringer Of PeaceUS Air Force BandPublic Domain
1921Camille Saint-SaënsBassoon Sonata, Op.168Charles KaufmannCC-BY 3.0

Game Engine

Made with Puzzlescript.

Inspect the source freely, but consider supporting the Creative Archive!

Special thanks

Lucas LeSlo , William Hu (TheGreatEscaper) , Personman , Ili Butterfield (Chz) , Marcos Donnantuoni and Matthew VanDevander for early positive feedback and/or for suggestions about the game synopsis; Elyot Grant for spotting other polishing opportunities.


What does the name Abxtract Tractx mean?

Abstract Tracts refers both to the vast canvas areas (tracts) to become abstract art, and to the colourful lines (also tracts) connecting different areas in each painting. The Ss were replaced by Xs to represent the intercrossing of paint lines - so often a byproduct of the game mechanics.

Why is Abxtract Tractx so unusual a game?


  1. its main purpose is to spark curiosity for abstract art and classical culture in an entertaining way;
  2. it draws extensively from the history of art rather than from a purpose-made fictional world;
  3. its original mechanics are simple yet difficult to master and
  4. it belongs to the very rare art puzzle computer game genre.

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Which criteria guided the choice of artists and artworks?

The most important criterion for inclusion was the availability of at least one public domain artwork (per artist) that would broadly fit in the abstract category (e.g. Neoplasticism, Suprematism, Abstract Expressionism...). Critically, each artwork had to make a good puzzle, so those with very complicated details or too many colours were excluded. Also, due to the game mechanic and low resolution, right angles were preferred to obliques, and no curvature could be added. So, for instance, Rothko, Pollock, O'Keefe, Delaunay or Kandinsky couldn't be included.

Why are there differences between the original artwork and its depiction in Abxtract Tractx?

Most differences arise from the low-game resolution and by the limited colour palette (common to all paintings, chosen for simplicity). Canvas size was limited so it wouldn't be tedious to traverse by the player. Also, brush strokes and other tridimensional paint features were not considered.



Shortening of canvas size in level 5; improvements to colour contrast.

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