This is Pedro PSI's Creative Archive. It includes a collection of games and a few patterned wallpapers. More surprises are coming...

As a hobby and learning journal, most of the Creative Archive's content is free.

About me...

Pedro PSI is my name. I'm currently based in a secret location, and I love to travel.

Journalist? Media?

Check the press-kit or reach out!

Do you want to support the Creative Archive?

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How was the Creative Archive made?

Facet Tool/Language
Writing Microsoft Word
Illustration & Colour design Microsoft Powerpoint; Paletton
Page design HTML & CSS: "Octaflower Theme" by Pedro PSI
Content management Microsoft Excel, Wolfram Language, Notepad++
Video OBS, Shotcut and Microsoft Powerpoint
Music & Sound Howler.js, MuseScore
Game design Puzzlescript, Javascript;

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