Selected Puzzlescript Games 2014-2019


This is a short list of very good puzzlescript games, in my opinion. It serves as a personal, yet publicly shared, reference (to be updated whenever needed).


The list focusses on games released within the years 2014-2019, yet many during this period were overlooked. As long as they match the criteria below, suggestions are welcome.

Please be aware that there's a separate list for Pedro PSI's games.

Inclusion criteria:

To be included, a game must score very highly in at least one of these inclusion criteria:

  • Atmosphere: pleasant colours, agreeable music, cool animations;
  • Challenge: challenging puzzles;
  • Originality: a distinct style, goal, mechanics or story;
  • Effort: intense detail, innovative features.

Exclusion criteria:

Fatal is the failure to meet at least one the following exclusion criteria:

  • Completeness: not unfinished, not unpolished;
  • Intuition: lack of awkward controls, lack of visual confusion;
  • Kinder-friendly: absence of violence and of profanity;
  • Minimalism: no repetitions, no padding, no unnecessary moves, no wasted time;
  • Optimism: no negative feelings, at the end of the game;
Title Author Year Tags
12345 Ivan Koswara (Chaotic Iak) 2014 Sokoban
A Kishoutenketsu in the countryside Rémi (HeskHwis) 2014 Exploring, Sokoban
Beam Islands Mjau 2014 Sokoban
Boxes and Baloons Ben Reilly 2014 Platformer
Colour plus Colour Ben Reilly 2014 Colour, Sokoban
Don't Play On the Ice Connor McHarney 2014 Filling, Ice, Platformer
Mirror Isles Alan Hazelden 2014 Sokoban, Mirror
Miss Direction Malcolm Tyrrell 2014 Gravity, Platformer
Sokochrome Connor McHarney 2014 Colour, Sokoban
Skipping Stones To Lonely Homes Alan Hazelden 2015 Exploring
My first Kishoutenketsu Rémi (HeskHwis) 2016 Fishing
Entanglement, chapter 1 Richard Locke 2017 Exploring
Filler Hugo B. 2017 Filling
Fossils Rémi (HeskHwis) 2017 Exploring, Platformer
Kiri's Garden Tim Knauf 2017 Filling, Garden
Princess of Isometria Jere Majava 2017 Platformer
Programaze Adam Gashlin 2017 Programming
Rock, Paper, Scissors Ivan Koswara (Chaotic Iak) 2017 Sokoban
Symbolism Richard Locke 2017 Programming
Vertebrae Ali Nikkah 2017 Exploring, Sokoban
Beach Jump Maze Ove Ahlman 2018 Jumping
Fish Friend Jack Lance 2018 Platformer
Hey you! Stop blocking the laser! Chris Pickel (Sfiera) 2018 Sokoban, Mirror
Hop to, Kangaroo! Chyme 2018 Jumping
Hungry Kraken Stephen Lavelle (Increpare) 2018 Fishing
Out of bounds exception Cyathea Tree Studio 2018 Layers, Sokoban
ParaLands Lukas Schüller 2018 Sokoban
Pentago Noa Cube Studio 2018 Board-game, Multiplayer
Skyscraper Mark Signorelli (Rosden Shadow) 2018 Sokoban
Something Penguin Something William Fernandes (10c8) 2018 Ice, Sokoban
Sumoban Marcos Donnantuoni 2018 Sokoban
White Pillars Mark Signorelli (Rosden Shadow) 2018 Find-the-goal, Sokoban
XL-Plan Mark Richardson (Hand-e-food) 2018 Programming
Baguettes Blake Regehr 2019 Sokoban
Line of sight Joel Fox 2019 Sokoban
Omniban Patrick (Patrickgh3) 2019 Layers, Sokoban
Snake holes Jack Kutilek 2019 Snake
VEXT EDIT Jack Lance 2019 Layers, Programming, Sokoban

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