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Today I scattered some Sponsorship buttons strategically across the Creative Archive. So if you would like to see the grow, you can now support it financially. Any amounts raised will be channelled towards paying the only cost I incurr: my own free time.

As I dislike advertising and insist on keeping all content free, receiving sponsorships is probably the most effective way to prevent the Creative Archive from freezing in time. At the moment I chose Patreon (see below), but let me know if you require other donation options or have any suggestion.

Sponsor the Creative Archive

For businesses, bespoke non-exclusive commercial licenses are available. Expressions of interest are welcome.

Otherwise, just enjoy the Creative Archive as it is. After all, it's free!


If you like the Creative Archive, tell your friends about it now! Seeing many people enjoying it boosts my motivation.

Plus, if you're into social networks, share a link to any page in the Creative Archive, using the buttons reproduced below.

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